We have started a new morning net everyday at 9:00AM on the 147.045 or the 442.350 club repeaters, with a PL tone of 100. Since our Club Meetings have been cancelled until further notice, the Board Members thought it would be a good thing to have a net every morning to check on the health and welfare of our Members. This is not a formal net, and anyone anywhere can check in, especially all of our hams in neighboring counties ! So pour yourself a cup of coffee and come join us for some informational and sometimes humorous conversations ! Also please join us on our weekly Club Net Wednesday nights at 8:30PM. 73 Everyone !


Club Meetings

All Club Meetings and Club gatherings are still on hold. QCWA meetings only are scheduled to start in September at Dee's Place September 16th, 2020 at noon. THE CLUB ZOOM MEETING HAS BEEN CHANGED TO SEPTEMBER 28TH 2020 AT 7:00PM DUE TO INTERNET PROBLEMS, SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY HAVE CAUSED ANYONE.   If you are a Member and would like to be invited to the September meeting, please email me at with your email address and I will put you on the list. Hope everyone is doing well, stay healthy and safe ! 73

Club Meetings still on hold

The Highlands County Amateur Radio Club is in no way, shape or form meeting as a Club, not for Club Meetings, for breakfast or any get-togethers. The Highlands County Amateur Radio Club is in no way legally responsible for the reckless behavior of any individual or individuals claiming to be Members of the Club, or any Ham Radio Operators. All Club Members that are meeting at any public place, are doing so under their own accord and are responsible for their own actions that could lead to the spread of Covid 19, or any other illness or disease that might be spread to anyone by these individuals. Again, The Highlands County Amateur Club is not holding any meetings or get-togethers at this time. The Board will make an Official Announcement when we do decide to once again hold any type of public meetings.

The Highlands County Amateur Radio Club Officers and Board Members.

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