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Highlands County Florida HCARC/ARES FOX Hunt

Highlands County Florida HCARC/ARES Fox Hunt

Saturday, September 29, 2018


9:00 am - Meet at the Broken EGG Restaurant,  the "OLD Dots" restaurant around the corner from Homers,  Get your hunt team number.


10:00 am - Fox Hunt begins


12:00 noon - Lunch and fox hunt results.  Location TBD


Fox hunting, also known as amateur radio direction finding, is an exercise designed to provide experience to amateur radio operators in locating the source of jamming radio transmitters and finding sources who may be using amateur radio frequencies illegally.  These skills can also be utilized for search and rescue operations.


The object of the hunt is to find the hidden transmitter (fox).  The fox frequency will be communicated at the 9:00 am meeting as to know how to set your HT's frequency.


Hunt teams consist of at least two persons.  Bring a vehicle, 2-meter radio, directional antenna, map, clipboard, compass and marker (pen).  No Doppler antenna systems allowed.


Attention to safety is critical.  All "rules of the road" must be obeyed.  Be sure you are in a safe location when taking bearings.


When you find the fox, get a time from the fox and wait for the others to gather there.



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Fred Seely AA4ME
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