Fox Hunt

February Fox Hunt

ARES/HCARC Fox Hunt Rules (Rev 1)


Saturday, Feb 13, 2021


10:00 am – 12:00 noon


146.550 Mhz will be the frequency that the fox will be broadcasting on !

Check in at 9:30am on the ARES Avon Park Repeater 145.330 to register the morning of the fox hunt.


                10:00 am – Fox Hunt begins.  Get map from Fred or Randy

     Fox hunting, also known as amateur radio direction finding, is a serious training exercise designed to locate the source of jamming or other transmissions which

may be using amateur radio frequencies illegally.  These skills can also be utilized

for search and rescue operations.


     The object of the hunt is to find the hidden transmitter (fox).  Past foxhunts have

started with all teams meeting together (usually at the EOC).  For this foxhunt you

may start from anywhere (your home, etc.)   


     Hunt teams should consist of at least two persons.  However, because of Covid

concerns, single person hunters are ok).  Bring a vehicle, 2-meter radio, directional antenna, map, clipboard, compass, ruler and marker (pen).


     Attention to safety is critical.  All "rules of the road" must be obeyed.  Be sure you are in a safe location when taking bearings.


     When you find the fox the fox will log your time.


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