Bill, KB4WAR is going to assisted living and has some items for sale. Contact Bill at 863-414-2293
G5RV antenna (shortened ladder line with a 1:1 Balun). It works on all HF frequencies including 6 & 10 meters -$30.00
Yaesu VX6R with long antenna, microphone and extra battery - $175.00

MFJ-225 Graphical Antenna Analyzer with user guide. Charger missing - $200.00

Baofeng GT-5R with long antenna, microphone and charger - $25.00

Mobile antenna mount with 3 large magnets. Good Cable (I've had it for a while but it is unused.) - $30.00
Terry N4TB has some items for sale. Contact him at

Rohn 45G Tower

68 Feet with all of the following accessories

Six 10 foot sections 45G

8 foot top section with flat plate top Rohn 45AG4

TB3 thrust bearing

Rotor plate AS45G

Guy bracket GB45G

Base Plate BPC45G

3 sets equalizer plates EP25345

Six ½ inch turnbuckles (9 inch takeup)

10 foot galvanized steel mast ¼ inch wall 2 inch OD

Some surface corrosion in a few places, no deep pitting

Tower with all accessories $ 1500.00 OBO


Force 12 4 element 15 meter yagi

Full size Force 12 4 element yagi on a 20 foot boom

Excellent shape $ 150.00 OBO


HyGain Ham IV rotor with AMP Plug and control box

Completely refurbished, new bearings, new grease. Has never been used since it was refurbished

$ 325.00 (photo available)
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