Pete, K1PJ has some items for sale. Contact Pete at or (239) 216-7092

1. Icom IC-735 HF Transceiver w/ Manual - works - $150
2. Yaesu SP-31 Speaker w/ High/Low Filters - 60.00
3. Daiwa CN-103L, 140-525 Mhz, 200W SWR & Power Meter - $40.00
4. Para Dynamics PDC9, 144/430 Mhz, SWR/Power Meter - $10.00
5. Kenwood TS-2000 HF/VHF/UHF all mode Transceiver, w/ Comet CFX-324 Tri-Plexer with manual. 100W on 160-2M, 50W on
440 Mhz. OK Condition. Original MSRP-$1629.25, Works. - $700.00
6. RCA light duty Antenna Rotor, new in box - $50.00
7. Kenwood PS-53 Analog Power Supply, 13.8VDC @ 16 Amps - $50.00
8. LDG RT-600 Remote Auto Tuner w/ RC-600 Controller, 600 W - $60.00No control cable needed, controls through coax.
9. MFJ-209 HF/VHF SWR Analyzer - $10.00 Gives you a ballpark SWR reading..
10. MFJ-1702C Coax Antenna Switch, 2 position w/ground position - $10.00
11. Daiwa CS-201 Coax Antenna Switch, 2 position - $10.00
12. Para Dynamics 6 position coax switch - $10.00
13. Small Mobile Speaker - $10.00
Daiwa Model CN-720 SWR & Power Meter 1.8 - 150 MHz - $40.00
The following is a list if items that I have accumulated from various Silent Key estates. Most of the items are untested by me. I am listing them with no prices. If you are interested in something, make me an offer that I can't refuse. All proceeds from the sale of these items go to the Highlands County Amateur Radio Club. Thanks, Roy

1. Icom IC-229A 2M mobile radio. I believe this unit has a bad microphone
2. Icom IC-3200A Dual Band Mobile radio. This unit has a few issues
3. Kenwood TR-7625 2M mobile radio
4. Astron RS-7A Power Supply
5. MFJ Model MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer. The tuning knob does not go to cover the entire upper limit.
6. Icom HM-103 hand mic
7. MFJ Menu Driven Memory Keyer MFJ-492
8. MFJ Bias Tee w/DC switch MFJ-4117
9. MFJ 705 Low Pass Filter
10. Home brew keyer with one memory
11. Ameritron ARB-704 Amp Relay
12. Mirage B23A 144 MHz 30W amplifier
13. Kenwood PC-1A Phone Patch Controller
14. MFJ Sound Card Radio Interface MFJ-1275
15. Palomar R-X Noise Bridge
16. Heathkit HW-2102 SWR/RF Meter
17. MFJ VHF SWR/RF Meter MFJ-812
18. KLM Solid State Power Amplifier Model 0-40B - 10 watts in 40 watts out at 144 MHz
19. MFJ-207 SWR Analyzer
20. Arista 1103 RF/SWR/Mod Meter
21. MFJ-815B SWR/Watt Meter
22. Heil Proset Headset w/Kenwood adapter. Needs new ear muff covers
23. MFJ-910 Mobile Antenna Match Box
24. Comet CF-416 Duplexer
25. Shure 44 Desk Mic
26. D-104 Desk Mic
27. Microcraft Code Star
28. Realistic Pro-2001 16 Channel Scanner
29. Radio Shack TRC-225 CB Radio Handheld
30. Comet CF-360 Duplexer
31. Olson CB-391 SWR/Watt Meter
32. Olson CB-67 SWR/Field Strength Meter
33. Comet CFX-5140 Triplexer
34. 5 Position Rotary Antenna Switch
35. NooElec Up Converter for SDR Receiver
36. USB SDR Dongle
37. Seiko World Time Clock
38. Various lengths of antenna wire, end insulators, center insulators and coax for building HF antennas.
Neil, WØPML has a couple items for sale. Contact Neil at 573-313-0018 or
Yaesu 991A, with users manual, hand mike and power cord. Works perfect - $950
MFJ 939Y Automatic Antenna Tuner perfect with the 991A or can be used on many other radios with the purchase of another cable - $125
Bill, KB4WAR has a want and has some items for sale. Contact Bill at
WANTED: Dual Band Transceiver, 50 watt output (prefered) - I only have about $250.00 to spend.
FOR SALE: 3 Handheld Baofeng radios (including chargers, hand mics, longer antenna and RT Systems programming software.
Also a TYT Handheld with microphone and RT Systems programming software. All of these Handhelds are already programmed with HCARC frequencies.
I also have a Mobile and Handheld DMR radio (AnyTone) complete with charger and Hotspot connection - every thing needed to get operational. These would need to be re-programmed.
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