Field Day 2022



Highlands County ARC (Use this Club name on your summary sheet)


Sat. June 25, 1800 UTC – Sun. June 26, 2059 UTC (2 pm 6/25 – 5 pm 6/26)


Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, 160 & all above 50 Mhz


100 watts PEP maximum. No repeater contacts.


Exchange for home stations using commercial power: 1D WCF


Exchange for home stations using emergency power: 1E WCF


Contacts can be made with any stations. No duplicates per band, per mode.


All stations are eligible for certain bonus points but must provide proof.


100 points for formal message to Section Manager – Message must be originated

during Field Day & sent via RF. (ARRL Radiogram)


10 points for each formal message originated during Field Day & sent via RF.

(Max 10 messages). (ARRL Radiogram)


100 points for copying the W1AW Field Day bulletin. See for schedule.


50 points for entry submission using the Field Day Web App (see below)




1. Submit your own Summary Sheet via the Field Day Web App at:

Put your Callsign in block 1 and “Highlands County ARC” in Block 2.

Your points will be combined with the others who use “Highlands County ARC”


2. Send a copy of your Summary Sheet, your dupe sheets (listing of stations worked

by band/mode) and proof of bonus points to:

Field Day Entries, 225 Main St. Newington, CT 06111


3. Entries must be postmarked or submitted by Tuesday, July 26, 2022.


Complete Field Day rules are available at


Questions or need help – Fred Seely, AA4ME ( or 863-385-2248)



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