Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

A monthly presentation of non-radio products for emergency preparedness.

March 2024

Kelly Kettle

Boil water in just 3 - 5 minutes using just a handful of fuel such as Sticks, Pine Cones, Bark, Dry Grass or anything that burns! Add the Hobo Camping Stove accessory and turn the steel fire-base of the Kettle into a highly effective Wood fuelled Camp Stove.  Visit our Accessories Section to see our Hobo Stove, Camp Cups, Plates, Cook Sets, Water Filters, etc.

Believed to be the fastest Camp Kettle in the world, we make boiling & cooking outdoors, fast, easy & fun!  Enjoy hot water for tea, coffee, rehydrating food, bathing, cooking, etc. Works everywhere, every time in all weather conditions!  

 RECREATIONAL USE:  For Camping, Picnics, Scouts, Fishing & Hunting, Trekking, Kayaking, At the Beach, Festivals, Outdoor Fun, etc.

 EMERGENCY USE:  For Preparedness, Disaster Kits, Power Shortages due to Storms, Off-Grid Survival, Bug Out & Go Bags.

The Kelly Kettle System is one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment that any outdoors person can own! Order yours today and have it delivered to your door!  

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food - Mountain House

Just add water directly to the pouch and enjoy a tasty dish in the backcountry in less than 10 minutes. Eat straight from the bowl-like pouch. No extra cleanup! 30 YEAR TASTE GUARANTEE!
April 2024
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